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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why I started this blogger; Ekamra Nivas.?


Ekamranivas is the name of the palatial building in Luz church road where Sir Alladi resided with all his family members. This house was open to all relatives and friends. The generosity and hospitality of Sir Alladi and Lady Alladi were universally known.

I started this blog about my grandfather Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer for his name to be remembered by all the future generations to come. Every individual's identity starts from his or her roots. A great legendary name like Sir Alladi deserves to live forever. Very rarely we come across a brilliant phenomenal and self made person like him.My father has told us a lot about him .I would also like to collect valuable information from my extended family members their nostalgic memories with grand father or grandmother. My sister Lakshmi Subramanian takes great pains to collect information about him from various sources. She is equally responsible if this blogger turns to be successful.She gives me lot of material which I edit.I would request all the family member to cooperate and give material to make this blogger successful.-JANAKI MOHAN

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