Friday, April 13, 2012

Down the memory lane

DOWN THE MEMORY LANE-by Janaki mohan
To me “Perippa” means perippa and his family collectively have been very closely associated with this family from 1965 when I came to Hyderabad from Poona . My father made his home in “Krishna” one more house of perippa in the same compound . I have host of memories perippa‘s family. My father was very close to his brother and I too experienced the same feeling in that house .
Today Perippa is no more .I find it hard to believe that the chair he occupies in the drawing room is going to be always vacant but I feel like writing about this soft spoken gentle ,smiling wonderful person and also about his family.Tears well up my eyes as I write this. He was very affectionate to me mainly and my children Anand and Prabha .I was a mere house wife when he involved me in the Alladi memorial trust , which he had started in my grandfather’s name .Donatons were given to poor budding lawyers and litigants. I served as secretary and treasurer . I worked very closely with him . It gave me an opportunity to understand him . He expected the work to be very meticulous. It was like a training for me.I experienced lot of affection and felt free to converse with him on any topic. I felt very close to him. In my younger days I used to approach him through my perimma . He told me he believed in simple living and high thinking. . I never saw him losing his temper .He had a very high sense of humor. He took life very calmly. He had immense trust in his children and allowed them to manage everything. Uma did yeomen service to him. She dedicated most of her time serving him. She was always there for him . Perippa enjoyed his summer holidays with Sitanna and Annu .They too took great care of him. He would come back from Bangalore with lot of happiness. Sridhar also served perippa with great affection He is their well wisher and family friend. Though perippa had lots of ailments he suffered silently. He loved cricket and tennis he had written lots of religious stories like Mahabharata and Ramayana many others too. He would give these copies to Anand and Prabha who come with great affection to see him.My grand daughter Ananya is reading these stories. He was a great bridge player. He used to go the club regularly . On his 90th birthday uma arranged bridge sessions at home as that was his passion. .He presented me with 11 commandments of old age which he followed to the hilt.
Recalling my earlier days in Krishna and lakshmi , I kept going between these two houses carrying host of memories with me.My perimma took complete charge of the reins of the house hold . She managed it so efficiently and calmly. It was a calm smooth secure feeling household .Many relatives have come to the house their children have stayed with them in the house “Lakshmi”. Rajatha was more like a daughter than a sister to my uncle because of the age gap between them. . lakshmi were born when Rajatha was in that house. They took complete responsibility of rajatha’ delivery . Everyone benefited from that accommodative household. .My dad also spent most of his leisure time with his brother’s family. Perippa always said to me “you are my kudarai (my horse)”. I remember everyone reciting the mantrapushpam in the big puja room. I can’t forget the huge dasera kolu steps.I am also one of the fortunate person who experience their hospitality . When my father got a job in Melbourne,Australia in the Caufield institute of technology, I had the fear of the unknown I did not want to accompany them . I did not feel secure. I would have got a break down but for the fact my perimma offered to keep me at this crucial turning point in my life. . Taking the responsibility of a young unmarried girl was not easy not all those days .We depended a lot on parents and elderly relatives. Today the scenario is different. The youngsters go abroad face a lot of difficulties alone without any help they find their own bearing. I was used to my grand parents indulgence, love and understanding which my perimma completely
understood. I got help from them when I needed most. During my college days when I lived with my perippa ,perimma I experienced the same  immense freedom and affection.  My group  of friends would come and have lunch without my giving notice to my perimma   I love my perimma  a lot .she was such an understanding person.i would like to conclude saying I have always felt part of perippa and perimma’s household and will always cherish the good memories I shared with them. I dedicate this article to both of them.

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