Friday, May 9, 2008

About Dr.Alladi and Alladi venkalakshmamma

Dr.Alladi Krishnaswami,"Alladi" as he was popularly known, was the son of a Vedic Brahmin.While writers refer to westerners who rose from poverty to wealth and fame,they do not mention indians.Alladi was one indian who was the son of a Vedic Brahmin earning Rs 2/-a month,who became one of the greatest lawyers of India and was the Advocate General of the Madras state from 1929 to 1944.In spite of his wealth, Alladi was a very simple in his habits.he could not even tie is dhoti properly.When he had to wear a dhoti, coat and turban to a function, his friend Subbaraya Iyer had to tie both his dhoti and turban.He never forgot his poverty and helped poor students to a large extent and also helped institutes like Ramakrishna Student"s Home which had poor students.The British conferred knighthood on him but after the constitution was framed he gave up the knighthood and hated being called "Sir".His wife Venkalakshmamma was a faithful wife.She was a monument of patience,charity and many other virtues.She bore 12 children in 11 deliveries(twins in one delivery).She made by her own example , all her children follow good conduct.She was charitable that she had many of her sister's children with her(of course, with the silent consent of her husband)and treated them as her own children.Father had such faith in mother that he would give all the income earned in cash to mother.After paying all the servants, she would place the remaining income in an open drawer and ask us to take the money.She would not give any pocket money to spend as we pleased.We were encouraged to take our money for necessities.Thus we were prevented from spending lavishly, but we were free to spend for our necessities.
(Retd. Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh)

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